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At GO Where Meetings Matter (GO) we believe every time people meet and share ideas there is an opportunity to change someone’s world and we want to change the world one meeting at a time.  Too many times meetings fail to light the spark of change and connections aren’t made because the environment distracts people from the important things.

In my corporate career I attended hundreds, if not thousands, of meetings.  I was lucky to experience a few transformational moments when the sparks flew as people connected, collaborated and created together.  Unfortunately, those experiences were rare and all too often I saw potential wasted as the participants (me included) gave in to the distractions around us.  Distractions like uncomfortable furniture, freezing cold rooms, sounds from the meeting next door (or kids screaming at the pool), malfunctioning technology, and more.

I noticed that most of the notes I was taking were on the meeting itself and not the content.  I was amazed by what an influence the environment had on the outcome of the meeting.  I wondered why somebody didn’t create an amazing space to host meetings and events and then, as the saying goes, I realized I was somebody and I created GO.  I created it for you and your team.

I would love to show you the space and how it could positively impact your next event.  Please contact us to schedule a tour to make your next meeting the most productive it can be.

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