Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

There are no dumb questions, curiosity keeps us learning.

If these FAQ’s don’t answer your questions send us an email at info (at) gowheremeetingsmatter (dot) com.

What is GO Where Meetings Matter (GO)?

GO is a creative, energized, and inspirational space to host world-changing meetings (technically it is a non-residential conference center, but that sounds boring and we are anything but boring).    It is hands down the best place to meet, create and connect on the planet.  We have 12,000 square feet of awesomeness waiting for you to light up.

Why did you create GO?

In my 25+ year corporate career I attended or hosted at least a zillion meetings (seriously it was at least a zillion).  I saw the potential in many of them wasted because all any of us were focused on was the uncomfortable seats, the noise from next door, the temperature of the room (too hot/too cold), the inedible food, or the technology fumbles (actually, some of them were pretty entertaining).

I never understood why, if we were going to take people away from their day jobs to focus on something important we mucked it up by not preparing the simple things correctly.  I truly believe that when two or more people meet we have the opportunity to change someone’s world.  If you read “Our Story” on the About page you saw the keys to a successful meeting.  I can’t necessarily help with the first two points (whether you should meet or not or inviting the right people) but I can create a space that will support the majority of the key success factors.

I spent about 18 months researching the importance of different elements on meetings, creativity and connection as well as other creative conference centers across the country so that I could build a venue to help launch amazing ideas, strategies and connections.  Welcome to my MVP (minimum viable product).

How did you come up with these unconventional room names?

Choosing room names wasn’t an easy task.  I looked at the other options in the area and was turned off by the uninspired Grand Ballroom, Petit Ballroom or Salon and I wasn’t pulled toward geographic names like Huron, Superior, Antrim, Belfast or Bangor (I’m very proud of our great state of Michigan but that’s not the reason I created this space) and choosing university names by going with Wolverines, Schembechler or Spartans didn’t feel right either.  I wanted the names of the rooms to mean something and reflect the reasons I created this sacred space (if you haven’t done so already, please check out the FAQ above to find out why I created GO). While driving to visit family these names came to me.  Isn’t it interesting how the people closest to us inspire the greatest change?

Inspiration Fields:  The largest of the five spaces, Inspiration Fields, is named in honor of Jonathan Fields, founder of the Good Life Project (GLP).  Jonathan’s book Uncertainty inspired me to create a space where people could meet to work together on ideas that would change the world.  As a member of the GLP Immersion in 2014 I developed the idea into a physical space to serve the people who understand that every time two or more people meet there is an opportunity to changes someone’s world.  As I tend to look at things from many perspectives I noticed the abbreviation for this room is IF and I loved it.  Don’t ever stop asking, “What IF …”.  Imagine how you might transform things IF you looked at your challenges and opportunities differently.

Bailey’s Bunker:  I wouldn’t have been able to turn the spark of an idea into this physical space if I wasn’t blessed with an amazing coach.  Jennifer Bailey helped me look inside myself and find my safe zone, my personal bunker, so that I could create, pivot and recreate strategies and plans to achieve my goals.  I hope that those who use this room will have the same success in accomplishing their objectives.

The Pause:  On the initial architect’s drawings for GO this room was labeled the boardroom because of its traditional size and shape.  Traditional isn’t an idea I want associated with any of our rooms.  Then I remembered being in Costa Rica with the Good Life Project and our instructors Kristoffer Carter (KC) and Dan Lerner both talked about Viktor Frankl’s quote, “Between stimulus and response there is a space.  In that space is our power to choose our response.  In our response lies our growth and freedom.”  KC referred to that space as the pause and emphasized how significant that moment was.  It’s my desire that all who meet within these walls will experience, embrace, and cherish The Pause.

Connections:  People don’t advance on their own; they need connections.  The connections we make and nurture significantly influence our directions and lives.  I wanted to create a space that was packed full of Vitamin C3 – Connection, Collaboration and Creativity.   Connection with other people is amazing fuel for creativity and collaboration.  I wish all who gather in our space strengthen their connections.

Eleven (11):  This is probably the oddest of all the room names.  The number 11 is unique and exceptional.  In Numerology the number 11 is the first Master Number and is the most intuitive of all numbers.  However, that isn’t the reason I named the smallest, most intimate of our rooms 11.  My great friend Toni and I share an affinity for this number.  She was born in the 11th month and I on the 11th day.  One day we were out and we started riffing on things like we sometimes do and we discovered how great the number 11 was and how there was so much power in it.  Eleven is two ones standing side by side and connecting.  There were many more hours of pondering the greatness of 11 but what sticks with me is that vision of two souls standing together.  I hope all who meet here will feel enlightenment and connection.  One more thing to note about this room is that it is the only meeting room where the door opens into the room.

My what a large front door you have! Why is that?

We installed an auto showroom door as our entry door so that you could bring large displays into the space without worry.  Our doorway is 9 feet wide and 8 feet high.  If you have something bigger than that to bring into the space we really need to talk.

What services does GO offer?
  1. Day Meeting space for rent. We have 5 meeting rooms to choose from.  We offer all-day or half-day rentals.
  2. PopUp Meeting Program (PUMP). We know many small businesses and sales people may not have an office in the area to meet with clients so we created a program for those short-notice, quick meetings (under 3 hours) when you need to meet and dread having to take your client to Starbucks or Panera.  PUMP is also great for any short meeting need like deposition taking or a quick meeting with travelling colleagues (we are only 20 minutes from airport and can arrange transportation for you).
  3. Corporate Tailgating. Looking for a place to entertain clients before the University of Michigan football game?  Come to GO and enjoy pre-game food and drink and let us shuttle you and your guests to and from the game.  If you have guests that don’t want to head to the stadium they can enjoy the game on our 90” monitor.  Call us to talk about renting the entire space for your guests or inquire about GO sponsored tailgates.
  4. Networking / Business Reception Space. Our facility has as more space in the common areas than we do in all five meeting rooms put together.  You can host an event for up to 200 people in our common areas and use the meeting rooms as additional space.
  5. Public programs.  We will be offering a variety of public workshops throughout the year to help our guests become even more awesome than they already are.
What is the Pop-Up Meeting Program (PUMP)?

PUMP is for those times when you don’t need the space for more than 3 hours and only require beverages and light snacks.  Our Pop-Up Meeting Programs is ideal for regional sales teams that want to meet with local clients, small businesses that don’t have conference space of their own, video conferences, depositions, meetings with people flying in and out of Detroit Metro Airport, and so much more.

What is Corporate Tailgating?

Rent our space during any home University of Michigan football game and host your own indoor tailgating party for your clients or employees.  You and your team will have access to our entire facility and we will work with you to put together the perfect menu for your guests to enjoy before the game.  We will shuttle you and your guests from our facility over to the stadium and back again.  If you have guests that would prefer not to venture out into the elements we have a 90” and two 70” screens for them to watch the game from the comfort of our leather sofas.

Can I host a hybrid-event or video conference at GO?

Absolutely!  Inspiration Fields has a 90” monitor, a 60” monitor and three video cameras installed and ready to launch video conferences and hybrid events.  We also have a 60” monitor with a video camera on a cart we can use in any of the other four rooms.  We can host your Web-Ex sessions and conference calls so you don’t need to have your own service provider.  Have we mentioned there are no additional fees for this?

Where is GO located?

Our address is 4735 Washtenaw Avenue, Ann Arbor, Michigan.  We are located in the Glencoe Crossing Shopping Center (don’t let the fact that we are in a shopping center fool you, we have an amazing space).    We are about 7/10 of a mile east of US-23 on the north side of Washtenaw Ave.  The great thing about being in a shopping center is all the close FREE parking.

How far away is Detroit Metropolitan Airport?

We are about 25 minutes away from Detroit Metropolitan Airport in normal traffic (22 miles).  It is a simple drive.  Take I-94 West to US-23 North (exit 180B) to exit 37A (Washtenaw Avenue towards Ypsilanti).  We are less than a mile away from US-23.

Can I have meetings at night or on the weekends?

Yes, GO will open on weekends and evenings to host your meetings and events.  We do have a minimum fee for opening on the weekends.

What are your hours?

Office hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Event hours:  7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. for day events, evening events can keep going to 11:00 p.m. if needed.

What is the maximum number of people I can have in a meeting?

Our largest room, The Big Idea, can comfortably seat 100 people for a casual meeting and up to 130 theater style.  For business receptions and networking events we can host up to 350 people.

What types of meetings and events are held at GO?

I find it hard to think of a business meeting or event that we aren’t suited for.  We are great for hosting:

  1. Strategy Sessions
  2. Board Meetings
  3. Innovation Labs
  4. Corporate Recruiting
  5. Networking Events
  6. New Product Launches
  7. Focus Groups
  8. Training Seminars and Workshops
  9. Association Chapter Meetings
  10. Network Marketing Sales Representative Training Sessions
  11. Charity Functions
  12. Coaching Sessions
  13. Depositions
  14. Negotiations

We are the right space for just any event when organizations need to meet.

Can I host a bridal shower or birthday party at GO?

Sorry, we are the best place to meet, create and connect on the planet, but we are focused on business/association relationships, meetings and events.

Can I take a tour?

We would be bummed if you didn’t.  The only way to truly experience what a difference the environment makes is to immerse yourself in it (and try out our comfortable furniture).  Call us or click the button at the top left of this page to schedule a tour.   If you can’t be here in person then try the next best thing and take our virtual tour by clicking here.

What does it cost to rent a meeting room?

Our full day rental (more than 4 hours) is $85 per person.  If your meeting is 4 hours or less the cost is $60 per person.  This price includes room rental, technology, supplies, and food (breakfast, morning & afternoon snacks and beverages).  Each room has a minimum and maximum cost for a day’s rental.  If you would like us to provide a buffet lunch the price is $20 per person or you can make your own arrangements.  See our Meeting Spaces section for detailed information on pricing.  PUMP, Reception and Tailgating prices are different.

Seriously? Breakfast, snacks and beverages are included in our daily rental?

Yes, seriously, it’s included.  A light continental breakfast, morning and afternoon snacks, and all-day beverage service are included in your rental fees.  We serve breakfast buffet style in our common area for your guests to enjoy.  When you make your reservations we will ask you to notify us of any of your guests’ dietary needs (e.g., vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc.) and we will do our best to have appropriate selections.  The common area is also where our snack and beverage services are located.

What about lunch?

You have many choices for lunch.  We can provide a hearty buffet lunch for $20 per person, you can arrange your own lunch (catered, take-out, delivery), or you can explore the area and enjoy one of Ann Arbor’s many amazing restaurants.

What else is included in my rental?

We have large video monitors that can be brought into any room (60” and 70”).  We have LCD projectors and screens installed in IF and Connections.  Our facility has over 1,300 square feet of glass marker boards for you to use (in the rooms, the common spaces and the informal breakout areas) and three mobile marker boards.  We have flip charts (20″ x 23″), markers, pens/pencils, paper, microphones, slide presentation remotes, conference phones, DVD players, and Bluetooth speakers.  Would you like to host a WebEx session or conference call?  We have those services available for you to use as well.

Our venue has two “phone booths” for your guests to take/make those urgent calls and be shielded from the sounds of the group.  We have two informal breakout/lounge spaces for all our guests to use.  The common area is available to you and your guests.   Here you will find snacks and beverages (Starbucks by the pot, single serve coffee, whole-leaf tea, hot chocolate, filtered water, and soda pop — both Pepsi AND Coke products).  You may even notice one of our unoccupied rooms designated as an Introvert’s Corner (some guests need to recharge away from the group to continue to perform at their peak).  Need a book to read or a stress ball to play with?  How about a Thumball to help your team break the ice?  We have those too.

Do you have a copy machine, printer, or FAX machine?

We do have a multi-function machine that prints, scans, copies, and faxes.  If you need something printed you can email us the file and we will be happy to print it for you.  Simply ask for assistance to scan and email, send a FAX, or make a few last-minute copies (a reasonable number of pages, please).  All of this at no charge.

If, however, you have larger printing needs we can direct you to the local Office Max store about a mile away.

We apologize if our copy machine is down for maintenance during your visit.  Once or twice a year we lose it for a day.  Machines can be a bit temperamental. If this does happen and you need copies, a visit to Office Max won’t take too much of your time (about a fifteen-minute round trip) or money.  The last time we checked, their self-serve rates were $0.12 per page (black and white) and we might be able to help you get them printed for less.


Do you have recommendations for a nearby hotel or a caterer for our event?


The Holiday Inn Ann Arbor – Near the University of Michigan is just two exits north of us on US-23.  They have a shuttle and provide transportation for guests to our facility.  They also have an onsite restaurant / bar and free wi-fi.  One of our hosts said it was the nicest Holiday Inn they’ve ever seen.

PrimOvations is an amazing catering company that makes delicious food.  They do it all: breakfast, lunch, dinner, hors d’oeuvres, out of this world BBQ, and alcohol.

How do I make a reservation?

You can start your reservation in a number of ways:

  1. Call us directly at (734) 221-5050
  2. Email Reservations (at) GOwheremeetingsmatter (dot) com
  3. Use our Reserve A Space link at the top of the page
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