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Inspire your team to think differently!

Too few people realize the significant impact the environment plays in the success of a meeting.  We have designed our facility to support creative thinking and will help you find just the right set up to inspire your team to think differently.

A perfect example of this is how we set up the Patent Brainstorming Party for one of our clients.  They had thirty software engineers they wanted to break out into three groups.  We set the first group up in Connections with four orange sofa benches, a coffee table and plenty of glass marker boards.  The second group we placed in Bailey’s Bunker with the black leather sofas/chairs, coffee tables, and more marker boards.  The third group was in Inspiration Fields and the group leader asked for a traditional conference table set up.

The department chair was talking with me during the meeting and commented on how they randomly assigned people to the different groups yet he was surprised to see how differently the groups behaved.  The first group (in Connections) was being much more visual and creative than he thought possible.  The second group (in Bailey’s) was balanced between their normal structured behavior and high levels of creativity.  The third group was behaving as they always did.

I walked him through the set ups in all the rooms and he realized how the significant impact the set up was making.  He asked to reserve a second session and asked that we create a unique setting for all three groups.

Crank up the collaboration!

“Have you tried the Happy Chair, yet?”  This is something you’ll often hear me asking the guests in our space.  We have three “happy chairs” (Herman Miller calls them Spun) and they serve a specific purpose.  They are perfect endorphin factories.  Whether you’re the one spinning in the chair or a spectator watching a colleague twirl you can’t help but laugh and smile.  Laughter is the best oxygenating exercise there is.

It never fails, when we have guests enjoying the chairs during their stay their hosts always comment that their team is getting along better than they ever have and that they are open to new ideas.  We frequently have teams that stay, working on new ideas well after their hosts have ended the meeting.

Meet your supplier diversity goals!

We can help you meet your business objectives (with our venue that inspires your team and promotes collaboration) and your supplier diversity goals.  GO Where Meetings Matter is a WBENC-Certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) and a certified Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB).

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