I bet most meeting rooms you’ve rented have been in conference centers or hotels and they felt institutional, dull, boring, or all of the above.  Many facilities are simply halls and walls.  It can feel like a cattle-car because there is nowhere to breathe once you step outside the meeting room.  You’re herded to the restrooms, into the parking lot, or up to your room.  They haven’t created space for your guests to connect and share insights.

Our floorplan below highlights how we’ve intentionally designed the space to limit the sound bleed between groups by separating our room (no two rooms share a wall).  Clicking on the floorplan will take you to the virtual tour of GO.

You and your guests will have plenty of space to gather, connect, and collaborate before the meetings start, during breaks and after the sessions are over.  GO has more space in the common areas than it does in all six meeting rooms combined.  We understand the experience starts when your guests walk in the door and doesn’t end until they are on their way home.

We have two beverage / snack stations set up in our common spaces for your guests to access all-day.  This space is shared with other teams using the space.  We also have two informal breakout areas in the common space you are welcome to use throughout the day (no placing reserved signs in these areas, this is COMMON space).

Check out our Pricing sections to understand the rental fee structure.

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