Your meeting room reservation at GO includes use of the common spaces.  GO has over 5,000 square feet of common space for your guests to mingle, connect, collaborate and refuel.

You will find two snack and beverage stations in the facility.  One is at the north end and the other is in the middle of the space.  The middle station is referred to as the Café and you will find benches and tables to enjoy the soft beverages and snacks served throughout the day.  We are happy to offer the following beverage options:

  • Starbucks® coffee brewed by the pot
  • Single serve coffees, whole-leaf teas, and hot chocolate
  • Coke and Pepsi products
  • Filtered water

Sometimes your guests need to recharge in other ways and you may find one of our unoccupied meeting rooms designated as the “Introvert’s Corner / Human Recharging Station”.  Your guests are welcome to enter and relax without worry that someone will try to talk to them as they replenish their energy levels.

In between Connections and Bailey’s Bunker is one of our two informal breakout areas you are welcome to use during your stay.  The high back sofas block out distractions and the area has three 4’ x 8’ glass marker boards to capture thoughts and ideas.  Power is built into the ends of the sectional.  Want to work on your computer?  We can roll over one of the 60” or 70” monitors for you.  We have a similar breakout area between Eleven (11) and the Pause.  If you want power there you can find outlets in the floor.  The common spaces are free for your guests to use and share with other groups.  No putting out “reserved signs”, if you require dedicated breakout space you can reserve one of the meeting rooms at a reduced add-on rate.

Sometimes a guest needs to take or make a phone call.  This can be distracting for both the other guests and the person on the phone.  GO has two phone booths just outside IF where your guests can step away from the group and conduct the business quickly and efficiently so they can return to your event as soon as possible.

Lastly, don’t forget to take a moment and enjoy the view.  GO has some stunning artwork on the walls to stimulate your senses.

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