Rates and Fees

Value with no hidden costs

All-Inclusive / No Hidden Fees

The pricing structure of most conference centers and hotels is reminiscent of those low cost airlines that suck you in with a super low advertised price and then charge for everything you can think of (want an assigned seat +$, want to sit with your travel buddy +$$, have a piece of carry-on luggage +$$$, checking luggage +$$$$ … you get the idea).

At GO our pricing structure is simple.  Everything but lunch is included in one price per person (each room has a minimum and maximum fee).  Need a 70″ monitor? It’s available at no additional cost to you.  Want an LCD projector and screen?  They are yours to use free of charge.  Flip charts, markers, pens, notepads, Bluetooth speakers, DVD player, slide advancer, microphones, dice, etc.  It’s all included.  We even include access to WebEx and audio conference lines.  Your choices are simple: lunch included or make your own arrangements.


We include a continental breakfast, morning and afternoon snacks, and all-day beverage service.  We can provide lunch as well.  For $20 per person we will have a scrumptious lunch buffet available for your guests.  Alternatively, if you would like to go out for lunch or make your own arrangements that’s fine, too.  If your caterer needs to use the kitchen there may be a security deposit required (if we are unfamiliar with your caterer) and we may have a small fee if we are providing support / managing the buffet for you.


Our Day Rental program is for those groups wishing to rent a meeting room (or more) for at least 4 hours.  Under this program we charge by the person.  Each room has a minimum and maximum charge, but no minimum number of guests.  We do have a capacity limit on each room, which is above our maximum fee.  For example, The Pause has a minimum fee of $850 and a maximum fee of $1,650 for a full-day with lunch included.  At $85 per person that means the most people you’d pay for would be 19 even though the room can hold 24 people, however if you wanted to meet in The Pause with only 8 people you would pay $850.  If you want or need a dedicated breakout space you can reserve it by the full- or half-day for a reduced rate.

Visit our Day Rentals page for current pricing.

Pop Up Meeting Program (PUMP)

For those meetings that are short in length (3 hours or less) and don’t require breakfast or lunch we have the Pop-Up Meeting Program.  PUMP meeting guests have access to all GO has to offer except breakfast and lunch.  PUMP meetings are priced by the hour based on the room (from one to three hours).  Please call us at (734) 221-5050 to discuss.


For pricing on networking events and use of the entire facility please call us at (734) 221-5050.


For pricing on corporate tailgating events please call us at (734) 221-5050.


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